Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cycle #10..TWW

It's official. I am in the two week wait. 
Monday's opk (cd14)

Tuesday's opk (cd15)

I decided to try and temp this cycle. Here are my temps so far...
cd11: 97.9
cd12: 97.7
cd13: no temp
cd14: 97.5
cd15: 97.6
cd16: 97.9
cd17/dpo1: 98.3

As of cd 14, I had a very positive opk, and a nice fern effect on the ovulation scope. I wish I could get a picture of that. I tried but it's REALLY hard.
Here's what my scope looks like. 
I bought mine at Walmart 7 years ago for maybe $20. They no longer sell anything like this =(  Dumb if you ask me.
I can't find this exact one anywhere for sale, but there are several different brands, and they all do the same exact thing, magnify your dried spit.
 I think the Fertile Focus is definitely the prettiest one out there right now! 
Scopes are definitely my favorite ovulation predictors. Not too messy, and totally reusable! Go green! No chemicals involved!
LOVE it! Just wish mine was prettier, like the Fertile Focus :) If they would like to send me one to try, I would give them lots and lots of praise on my lil ole blog! And of course tell all my friends! Who would probably tell their friends....:)

Here are what the results will look like:

Fertile Focus

 Cd15 was an even better opk line, and the fern was perfect. My temps were slowly rising. I fully expected that they would start to rise significantly  this morning. They did! I hope they continue to rise a bit, and then stay at the higher temp. That would indicate a pregnancy!

I am not expecting a pregnancy. But,I am still hoping. My hopes have been dashed, month after month. But, I just can't give up the hope that it will happen. I'm hoping to win the Ovacue from LLAOTWM! If this cycle ends, and starts a new one, that could really come in handy! I'm also considering starting fertility herbs. Not sure where to start with that though, so I'm asking special friends to help me out on that front. 
Thanks Girls! You know who you are!! =)
Once again...Here's to hope and faith!

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