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I'm a Mama to several children.
 Six, if you only count the living.
 11 if you count ones I've lost.
 I count them all in my heart. 

This blog is for me. If it helps someone else, then, Wonderful!
If it offends someone, I'm sorry! I'm not blogging to offend anyone.
This is my sounding board.
 My listening ear.
 My shoulder to cry on.
 My place to vent.
My place to dream.
Some of the details may be too graphic for some. 
I may post a few pictures that offend or shock others.
The pictures are of my babies.
The ones I lost.
For reasons unknown.
This is my blog about pregnancy, miscarriage and all the baggage that goes with it.

P.S. The Matryoshka part of the name..well I just love matryoshka dolls. I felt like it described me in a way. Maybe a bit unconvetionally, but if I am the big doll, then all the little ones are my children....