Tubal Ligation

Worst decision of my life!
I highly advise against it!
I was emotionally, mentally, and physically messed up from this decision.
It messed with my head. Messed with my relationship with my husband, my kids and with God.
I regretted every minute of every day after that decision. I cried all the time, except in the presence of my husband. I was afraid to show him how weak I was. I kept my depression to myself. Mostly. My kids suffered for it, I think. I yelled a lot. I cried a lot. I prayed a lot. I prayed for 7 years straight for a miracle. It finally came.
Physically it messed with my hormones. I started having periods every two weeks. Two weeks on, two weeks off. I was always having pms, either pre or post. I was a mess. I developed another problem that turned out to be Takayasu's Arteritis. They don't know for sure, but one thing that can cause it is extreme stress. I was extremely stressed about not being able to ever have another baby.