Tuesday, February 21, 2012

CD24 ,DPO 11/12

Just keep waiting, just keep waiting, just keep waiting!
Ugh! I hate the Two Week Wait.
I'm down to the final five days. Not counting today, of course.
My temps stay hovering in the 98.7 range.
I have had cramping at around the time of ovulation, along with spotting.
Since then I have had a couple more episodes of spotting.
We covered the week of ovulation.
My fingers are crossed, so are my legs, I keep having to pee!
This could be a good sign,
 it could just be my age and the fact that I HAVE delivered 6 full-term babies!
I keep having phantom symptoms.
The cramping being the main offender.
Hoping that this could be a sign of a baby snuggling in for the next 9 months!

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