Monday, February 13, 2012


I am totally lost. I have no idea what's going on. I heard that soy isoflavones could help with hormonal imbalance and work like clomid..hmmmm, kill two birds with one stone? So, I got some. I took them for five days..cd4-8. The week after my cycle ended I had spotting. Last Wednesday to be exact. Just for a few hours. There was menstrual like cramping as well. I felt it was too early for ovulation, so I didn't bother to test (opk). Then I did test (opk) for ovulation on Friday, bFp, and again on Saturday, again bFp. dancing commenced. There was then, some more spotting after. Grrrrr. Then today. There was spotting. (baby dancing was yesterday morning time). It took that long to register?!! I'm having cramps as well. I hate to hope. I'm scared to hope. Could it be? Could it be implantation? Could it just be the soy messing up my regular programming? Stay tuned for more of your favorite show...
The Chronicles of the Baby Obsessed Mama.

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