Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Shot Down....in a Blaze of Glory!!!

Well, that's exactly what it is. Another month. Another cycle. More hope, shot down. I truly hoped this would be the one. I was really hoping that I would be able to say," I am Thankful for the chance to be a Mama again!" at the Thanksgiving feast. No such luck. For one, Thanksgiving Day would have been pushing the early testing envelope a little bit. I like to buy the cheap-o tests at the dollar store, and those you can only use the day of your missed period. I hadn't actually missed it yet. My cycle was due to start yesterday. I fervently hoped it would not come. But, it did. Here it is, and it's here to stay. Dang it all!
I just e-mailed a TTC buddy and told her I thought the baby dust we've been gettin' must be defective.
 I want a refund.
Here's to a "wonderful" week.
Maybe next month will be the one!
Wish me some sticky baby dust!

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