Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Well according to, I am on DPO 9/CD 24. I can officially test tomorrow. But, I won't. Why not, you ask? Well, because I don't know if I really ovulated on the 17th or not. I'm not using any form of ovulation prediction. Other than the oh so iffy calendar method (cycle-28 days, luteal phase-14 days) That probably isn't my cycle schedule, so It's probably safe to say that I didn't ovulate at the appointed time, and therefore I am probably not pregnant. I'm sure you may ask, well what about CM? Ummmm....EW! Gross! I never could bring myself to check for that. Just not my thing. Some swear by it. I just can't. So, no. I don't use that as a tool for prediction. Funny thing, I used to ALWAYS get mittleschmerz. Every month. No fail. But that was BEFORE reversal surgery. Now I get pains intermittently. I can't bank on them 'cause they aren't at the right times. Go figure. So, this month...just like the last 5 months/cycles, I will wait as patiently as possible for Auntie Flo to show up for her monthly (un-welcome) visit. If she decided to "vacation" somewhere else? Well, I'll be mighty okay with that!

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