Monday, October 17, 2011

The big -O

So, today's supposedly "The Big Day".
I'm supposed to ovulate today.
Do I believe it?
How could life be so perfect
 as to ovulate when the calendar says I will?
We all know that life IS.NOT. perfect.
If it was I would never have lost a baby in the first place. I would have had all my children two years apart and like little ducks in a row. 
I would never have had a tubal.
I would never have had to have a reversal.
But if I had,
I would have had it way sooner than I did.
I lost a lot of precious time.
Now, not only is time running out, it's actually working against me.
I could be pre-menopausal right now as I type.
I might not even be ovulating at all, or only every so often. Who knows.
Only God.
He knows everything.
I'm trying so hard to just let it be in His hands.
But as you know my friend,
that is hard stuff.
So, here's to ovulation.
Wish me sticky baby dust!
Ya' know, the super sticky kind?
just in case.....

1 comment:

  1. I hope you "hit the nail on the head" this month! I am the krazy glue version of sticky dust headed your way too!