Monday, January 28, 2013

Cycle 20 over and out....

yep. my cycle started two days after my last post. ok i count it as three since i started at 9:30 at night. i just count start day being the next day, the 11th. it wasn't too bad as periods CAN go. but i was just hoping against hope that it wouldn't happen. i figured that if i was pregnant then the baby would be roughly a month old before we made the trip to california. if we even make that trip. still planning on it. gonna be rough to make that happen. anyhoo....i supposedly o'd last thursday. not sure if i did or not. that's just by going with the website calculator. it's been pretty accurate with my other methods added. i lost my ovulation scope (aka spit tester). bummer. and my test strips sat in a frozen bathroom. not sure if they'd be any count anymore. double bummer. so...all i can say is that the supposed week of o was covered every other day before and after. wish me luck! =)

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