Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sucked into the Black Hole

The Twilight Zone episode has ended.
I have now been sucked into the big, black hole of depression.
Not the kind where you crawl under the covers, and stay there.
Not the kind where you unplug the phone, and lock your doors.
Not the kind you need to take meds for.
Just the kind that nags at you, and keeps you just slightly sad, at all times.
AF has finally decided to stay for the monthly visit. Ugh. 
All I can say about that is that I hope it's a short stay, like last month. 
Three days.
But, this cycle has started early. Not super early, but early by two days.
It's these little inconsistencies that worry me.
Am I beginning to head into menopause?
SOOOO not ready for that. 
Not unless there is one more successful pregnancy.
Then, bring.it.on.
But, for now, I hope and pray every month, that this will be the month.

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