Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Not quite, she said....

So, I THOUGHT that Monday was my start date. Not quite. Apparently, Auntie F had her own ideas.
I actually just spotted for a couple of days. My true start date was Wednesday. 
For REALsies!
No mistaking it.
But, at least I can move on through the cycle now.
So, as of today, I am on cycle day 8. Yay Me!!
I took an opk this morning. Of course it was negative. 
I will NOT be wasting any more of those until Monday. 
I will continue to use the Ovulation Scope though. I LOVE that thing! I can use it several times a day and not be wasting it! It is completely re-usable! Best $20 something I ever spent on trying to have a baby!!

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